What do they do all day? Like, is there a tutor situation? That’s probably a dumb question. Whatever she’s doing she’s doing it with Liam. At that age, the intensity you feel, it hurts to be away from each other even for 5 minutes.

This is Miley yesterday with Liam sucking on lollipops. Today they hit up a milkshake shoppe. On both occasions, JailBait wore daisy dukes that don’t offer much coverage in the seated position. The sh-t that 17 olds get away with.

The Last Song has been in theatres for 2 weeks. It’s doing ok. Not a smash hit but ok. My best gay Darren and I had planned to go see it and laugh during the sad parts per annual tradition. Once a year we pick a tearjerker and prove to ourselves that we are still dead inside. This was not a challenge during The Lake House. Unfortunately we haven’t had time for Miley yet.

Just announced this week: Miley will host the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on June 20th. Really hope she brings Liam. I won’t lie: I kinda love them together.

Photos from Wenn.com and Clint Brewer / Splashnewsonline.com