Liam Hemsworth has been in New York promoting Independence Day: Resurgence. It opens June 24th and they’ve been pushing it pretty hard. They’ve been pushing Liam pretty hard putting him front and centre on the press circuit, clearly hoping that this movie will (finally) be his moment. And now Miley has shown up. And they’re getting papped at dinner. And she’s wearing that old engagement ring. You think she’ll be with him at the premiere? It would be their first carpet since getting back together. The studio certainly wouldn’t mind. It doesn’t look like Liam minds either. I mean this expression on his face with photographers all over them isn’t exactly unpleasant.

Which is kinda what’s bothering me. He bitched about the spotlight and all the attention when they were together last time, how that wasn’t his thing. And when they got back together it was all about changing her lifestyle and making it so that their relationship could be more private. And she had to come back into their relationship with conditions and changes, supposedly. But, you know, when it’s time for his movie and his career, no f-cking problem?

That said, Miley’s agency has to be considered too. It’s not fair to her to assume this isn’t what she wants. Or that it will balance out for her too. That he’ll be with her when it’s time for her to be promoting The Voice. Thing is, she doesn’t need him to help her promote her sh-t, you know? Her music, her projects, they weren’t exactly floundering when they were broken up.

And still, I do like them together. In a super pervy way. Whatever it is between them feels hot. If it could please be hot and equal - basically the most basic thing to say, ever.