Miley quit Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. Now both their reps have confirmed to PEOPLE  that the engagement is over. Which is no surprise to anyone. And not just in light of what’s gone down the last few weeks. Or even months. She was 19 when he proposed! So it’s not a shock that they didn’t make it. It’s a shock that everyone talked about it like it wasn’t f-cked up that two kids, so young, should be talking about getting married in the first place.

For Miley it’s the time of life. Who, after all, is fully formed at her age? Especially at that age, when change happens as often as a hairstyle. She tried though. She tried to hang on to her feelings. Or, she tried to fit her feelings in to the transitions that were happening around her. Miley, you see, was never the one who went looking elsewhere. Miley isn’t the one who’s been linked to someone different every other week.

So where are you January Jones? The groping doesn’t have to happen in the dark anymore. If, that is, Liam is still into it. Now that he’s officially free to step, there are many more options. Kristen Stewart is an option. Can we Gossip Genie that?