Patrick Schwarzenegger is Miley Cyrus’s first significant relationship since she and Liam Hemsworth ended their engagement. It’s actually only been a year. Feels like longer for sure because that final six months, when it’s on and then off and neither wants to admit it’s done, was played out in the media but officially it was around September 2013. In that time there may or may not have been a few hookups here and there – Mike Will Made It comes to mind though I don’t count that famewhore Kellan Lutz – but for the most part, she stayed single. Until she totally wasn’t single. Right now, it’s Patrick.

Here they are this weekend out in Malibu. Serious. She does like her pretty boys, non? Like given their public images, you’d think it’d be Taylor Swift going (again) for the Kennedy connection and Miley with the bad British rocker. Liam and Patrick though are a specific type. The same type?