As Gary Oldman revealed at Comic-Con, the brilliant Christopher Nolan will direct a third Batman with Christian Bale as the Dark Knight, and rumour has it Miley Cyrus wants to be Batgirl so badly she dressed in character for an impromptu audition, not unlike that crazy bitch Sean Young back in the day with Catwoman, and supposedly “stunned Warner executives” when she started hopping around the room adlibbing self written dialogue…

…the f-ck? 

Most people think it’s a bullsh-t story. Besides, Nolan has already noted that he’s against including Robin and the like, wants to the keep the sinister edge of the franchise, doesn’t want to make it all Disney and cheese, so the likelihood of Miley making it in is slim. Very slim. 

The thought of her mash mouth flapping away though, embarrassing herself in front of a creative snob like Christopher Nolan is AMAZING. He’d probably say it to her face. Hell NO. And get the f-ck off my set.


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