Tish Cyrus, Miley’s mother, filed for divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus 10 days ago. Around that time, Miley tweeted at her dad, apparently because she couldn’t reach him by private communication, social networking being her last resort. Then, last week, the Cyrus family was photographed together with their younger children. Tish and Billy Ray seemed close, prompting speculation that they’d reconciled.

Last night though, Miley was back on Twitter, calling out her dad for… well…

You decide what this means:

According to Celebitchy, the woman in the photo is Dylis Croman. She and Billy Ray worked together on Broadway in Chicago. The obvious assumption is that they were having an affair, and Miley went gangster on her father for an explanation.

Now that’s what I call the Chinese Squawking Chicken way of doing things. I remember I was 13, spending the summer in Hong Kong, and we were at a huge group dinner with all her mah-jong friends, when ma stood up all of a sudden and started shouting, with her famous vocals, at the man across the table, who was married to one of her close friends, accusing him of stepping out on his wife. Ma’s friend begged ma to stop. She wouldn’t stop. She made him confess in front of everyone and apologise. You might think that the Squawking Chicken was out of line there. Perhaps. Here’s how she rationalised it to her friend later: he was the one who was wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, why should you be embarrassed?

I imagine that would be similar to what Miley’s attitude might be. That in so publicly exposing her father, and exposing her family’s drama in the process, she’s all about making him look like sh-t, and that his sh-t shouldn’t carry over to Tish or to their children.

Miley ended up pulling down her incriminating tweet, replacing it with this one:

You’ll note – she’s not claiming she was hacked, like Lindsay Lohan would have done, and she’s not apologising either. This is Miley 2013 – all sanctimony and swagger, always with the last word, imbued with the kind of youthful steel righteousness that often ends up being rather fragile.

PS. This:

If I’m Brad Pitt, I’m cutting that hair ASAP. Because along with Axl Rose and Val Kilmer, some of you think he’s now resembles Billy Ray Cyrus, which might be the worst of the lot.