Miley’s been in New York working on that Woody Allen series for Amazon. She was courtside on Saturday at the Knicks game. Let’s talk work sh-t first. They’ve not yet announced a premiere date for the show but it’s very possible it could premiere in the fall. And it just so happens that it was just confirmed that Miley will be a judge on The Voice for the fall season as she and Alicia Keys join Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. It’ll be the first time that there will be two female judges on the panel. Also, is it true that, to date, no singer coached by a female judge has won the competition?

Miley on weekly network television…what’s that going to look like?

Network television is safe. It’s conservative. It’s big name big brand advertisers who don’t want any trouble. So will Miley be playing by those rules? Does she have to?

It’s an interesting career move for her right now. At 23, she’s the youngest judge ever on the show. And, sometimes, we see judging on shows like this as a …well… an activity for an artist a different stage in their career, non? Maybe a career that might need a jumpstart? Miley doesn’t need a jumpstart, not at all. But she may be reinventing.

I’ve said a few times that Miley could be Madonna’s successor. Madonna in her prime was always known for the pivot – changing directions when you least expected it. In September it’ll be three years since Miley buried Hannah Montana at those infamous VMAs when she had the world declaring the end of morality with her foam finger and her tongue. You can’t play that out forever. So what’s the next move?

As for the love sh-t, everyone’s talking about that ring on her finger, supposedly the engagement ring. It’s been over three months though since Miley and Liam Hemsworth were seen together in Australia resulting in story after story of them getting back together and her changing for him and earning him back and playing happy hippy housewife, gross. Since then, no pictures. And she’s been in New York for almost a month now, no sign of Liam. That’s a lot of Skype sex.