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Everyone’s been talking about. Have you seen it? Miley Cyrus grinding up on Adam Shankman at a party, a video taken by someone at the event who apparently claims to have been offended by JailBait’s skank styles and wanted to release it as a judgment against the Cyrus Family values. Sure you did.

So how bad is it? If you haven’t already, see below.

Ugh. Now I have to defend her.

In the context of some of her past exploits, I get it about calling her a dirty twat. She hasn’t given you much reason not to think of her that way. I won’t fight you if you add this incident to the growing list of examples that have shown her in poor light.

In my opinion though, I’m not sure this example ranks on the same level as working the pole or stripping. The pole represents pay, a profession associated with the sale of sex and body. Same goes obviously for stripping. And she’s still a f-cking trampy dumbass for pulling that sh-t before.

But sometimes... dancing is just dancing. We were in Barbados recently and we hit up Oistins on a Friday night. Oistins is a strip of foodstands and picnic tables and there’s a stage in the centre of the square with a dj spinning tracks and the locals get up to dance and battle but when the reggae jams come on, it’s not unusual to see two people, total strangers, groovin’ groin to groin against each other to the music, sometimes face to face, more often her against his hips, and it’s suggestive and sensual and totally erotic... but when the music stops they thank each other and move on. It’s a safe environment and a shared expression of the rhythm and it was mesmerising to watch. After a while, the crowd started getting into it too. In the same spirit as the two people on stage. Sometimes the beats just take you. Sometimes dancing is just dancing. It might look dirty but it doesn’t have to actually BE dirty.

Now I’m not saying Miley Cyrus was raised in the Caribbean and well versed in the culture. Obviously not. But we’re allowed to get carried away by the music. And we’re allowed to wind it up to the music. And if you remove Shankman from the picture, the way she’s dancing is the way we all dance. We all know that dance move. You’re lying if you don’t know that dance. You’re lying if you don’t bust out that dance move when it’s your turn to shake it. That dance move is just a lot less suggestive when no one’s leaning against you.

But the person leaning against Miley isn’t some piece of sh-t douche in Vegas who keeps showing you his portfolio. Adam Shankman is her friend, an adult, and gay. So if you think about it, she was rubbing up her ass against a dude with no chance of him popping one for her. In other words what you do with your best ‘mo every weekend. I do it with my best ‘mo standing in line at the movies. And in many ways, there’s nothing more secure. Especially for a 16 year old girl who is expressing herself to the music and wants to do so without fear of someone taking advantage of her. Trust me when I tell you other teens are doing way worse in the basement. And what she does in her basement is probably more worthy of your scorn than this video. Not letting her off the hook for that.

Are you mad at me now?

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