Only Emmy Rossum makes me feel this violent.

It’s wrong – of course it is. I KNOW.

But I challenge you. I challenge you to watch JailBait Miley Cyrus on Jonathan Ross last Friday, in London to promote Hannah Montana, and come out the other side without wanting to slap her beat-me mouth.

Do it.

Can you?



Because she’s a low classy, ill-bred, hillbilly twat. She shouts at one volume, she is cocky, she is inconsiderate, she is So.F-cking.Annoying.

And then she disrespected The Queen.

Oh no she didn’t.

Oh yes she did.

Miley Cyrus punked off Helen Mirren. She also refused to say her name. She refused to acknowledge Helen Mirren by name, referring to her only as “Her”.

What a great role model. Is this how you raise them?

Miley Cyrus on Jonathan Ross Part 1

Miley Cyrus on Jonathan Ross Part 2

Attached – JailBait and Billy Ray at the German premiere on Saturday.

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