JailBait loveache

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 11, 2009 16:35:47 August 11, 2009 16:35:47

You know this generation.

Nothing happens unless it happens online.

Profound, emotional, relationship discussions happen online.

You hookup on Facebook, you breakup over text. And you discuss your breakup on Twitter.

This is how JailBait rolls.

Miley Cyrus and her loser ass 20 year old off/on boyfriend Justin Gaston are evidently having love troubles.

Apparently she’s hiding her feelings from him. So he tweeted:

Now I'm sitting on the couch wondering why we as humans try to pretend everything's okay when it isn't.. Just be real

She wanted to assure him that she’s not hiding her feelings from him so she tweeted back…with an accusation, and a grammatical error:

Everything IS ok. Honestly. I can't change you're mind and your heart no longer belongs to me. Maybe YOU'RE the one pretending you're fine.

It’s one thing to be 16 and hope your vaggie pokes out from your short shorts while rocking the pole but it’s another to be 20, with a penis, and pining like some limp dick fool on Twitter over a punk twat 16 year old who desperately wants her hoo hoo to leak at the Teen Choice Awards.


And dumped by Miley Cyrus?

Dude, how do you ever live that down?

Thanks Lae.

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