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Two months ago when JailBait Miley Cyrus’s video for Can’t Be Tamed was released, I wrote this article laying back to back her effort in comparison to Lindsay Lohan’s for Rumours, both poor imitations of Britney Spears, especially the Sweaty Group Dancing.

No wonder there’s panic in the industry
I mean you want a piece of me?

Miley is currently touring Europe promoting the new album. Last night she performed on Britain’s Got Talent, annoying the United Kingdom with that trailer park voice and then, predictably, leaning in for a girl on girl kiss that was tired in its conception and weak in execution. Because if you’re going to go where everyone better has already been, at least make it extra. Don’t f-cking limp out like you’re half-hard for the headline.

Oh right I forgot. She doesn’t do “pop” music. So in her mind, with allegedly no Britney background, she wouldn’t know that she’s treading on a very used path. Does this sh-t really still sell?

Here’s the problem with the Mileys of the world. It’s the same problem Avril had too. Her fan base is permanently 14. And THAT is what made Britney Britney. Britney took everyone with her. And they stayed with her. Avril’s fans grew out of her. Miley has yet to demonstrate that hers won’t. Recycling the work of icons who are/were her superior in every way isn’t helping that along.

Also – about your emails re her breaking up with Liam Hemsworth: there is no breakup. She announced it on her website. And we would have known. When they do break up, we will KNOW and it will be ROUGH.

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