Miley Cyrus might be infected with Ebola Paris Hilton

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2013 16:30:36 November 8, 2013 16:30:36

Miley Cyrus was rumoured to have been hooking up with Benji Madden around Halloween. And she was just photographed hanging out with DJ Afrojack in Amsterdam. Both Madden and Afrojack dated Ebola Paris Hilton. Miley is flirting with a dangerous infection. Ebola Hilton is a sick, demented abomination of nature. It is merciless. And, given what a big deal Miley is now, you know it would like nothing more than to suck away whatever it can take from Miley, and then leave her for dead. This is career jeopardy. But, hey, if you don’t like Miley, maybe this is good news for you.

Me, I’m all over Miley. I’m trying to get tickets to see Miley open her tour in Vancouver on Valentine’s Day. To me, Miley MATTERS. But she might not matter for long if she keeps this up. Look what Ebola Hilton did to Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, Nick Carter. Look what it did to Adrien Brody. Look what leaving it did for the careers of Nicole Richie and Kanye West’s fiancée. Never mind the twerking, Ebola Hilton association may be Miley’s biggest mistake ever.


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