Of course she is.

Miley Cyrus hit up the club last night in Hollywood. She went to Voyeur, then a house party. Sounds like a familiar path. What’s the drinking age in California again? 21 right? Miley doesn’t turn 18 until next month. But that doesn’t matter. She goes to church, she’s tight with her family, that sh-t doesn’t happen in this town.

Meanwhile, just in case you didn’t get the update yesterday, Lindsay Lohan is drying out at the Betty Ford Clinic. As for Britney Spears, she spent Thursday morning at the courts in a backless, super appropriate black dress, to extend her father’s conservatorship over her life. Then she went to play with one of her sons. Fried Chicken looks better here than she did on Glee. The hard living doesn’t help, no, but these girls, they don’t have the Age Well gene either.

Miley should be careful when she’s, um, cruising the night circuit in between bible sessions.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and JCalderon/Splashnewsonline.com