As a Canadian I might be biased but you ask the artists and they’d all agree too – there is no event like the MuchMusic Video Awards for fan enthusiasm and engagement. It’s a block party for teens. And it attracts the top teen talent year after year because of it.

The MMVAs put Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber on the same stage. Please. If you were 13, you’d be freaking out. And they were. And it’s cute when it’s them. It’s not cute when it’s a full blown adult with her own kids leading the tv cameras into her loser ass Twilight basement.

This then is Miley’s perfect demographic. And as host and performer last night, complete with several costume changes, and that self-injury-inducing voice, she did not disappoint her constituents. But as you know, Miley is currently attempting to grow with her audience. This is what Britney could do that so many pretenders could not.

Avril Lavigne’s fanbase can only be 14. Avril fans don’t grow with her, they grow out of her. Justin Bieber will face the same challenge. And Miley is trying to overcome it. Her shorter, more mature haircut is part of that. And the movie roles. And of course her lame ass attempts at lesbian kisses, provocative clothing, and ongoing conversation about her crotch are all intended to announce to us that she is presently an adult, having assumed adult responsibilities for years, now engaging in adult relationships, and throwing out adult dance moves in adult costumes that make it a very fine line indeed.

This so-called minor is being watched by millions on an international broadcast. Is it my responsibility not to look there, or is it her responsibility to give me something to look at that won’t get me in trouble? Am I allowed to say she has a nice ass when she’s shaking it in my face? Am I allowed to compliment her cute body when I can see almost all of it unclothed at the busiest intersection in Toronto, while she expertly gyrates it for hundreds of cameras surrounding the venue? If I do, am I the asshole blogger?

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