Miley Cyrus was in Vegas last night. Patrick Schwarzenegger was not with her, even though he’s back from Spring Break in Mexico. According to E!, one source says Miley isn’t taking his calls and that Patrick is “extremely frustrated” because he’s made it a point to be a really great boyfriend and can’t believe that people think he would step out on her. Thanks for the public service announcement, Patrick.

Another source however insists that Miley and Patrick are indeed talking again and that she’s not freezing him out. Sure. But Miley’s been at this game a long time. If she wanted to send a message that she and Patrick were fine and that the internet has fabricated a scandal and that she’s totally cool with what may or may not have gone down during Spring Break, she would have shown us by now. We would have seen a picture by now. He would have been in Vegas with her. He would have insisted on it. And the fact that he wasn’t…?

Not forgiven. Not yet.