What? Disney JailBait? Of course not. She’s totally still a virgin. A virgin who travels on her own to spend time with her boyfriend in Australia. A virgin who has travelled back with him to LA. A virgin who was rolling around on the beach with him the other day, kissing, but definitely no more than that. Click here to see the photos.

Hell no. They’re totally not having sex. Because look at that boy. That’s a boy who’s ok to wait, right? That’s a boy who waits and walks with God…?


Like I said the other day, this girl has been taken. Out of control. It’s a rite of passage for all of us. Only hers has happened after a public promise of chastity. Oh la.

And what’s even more predictable, as you know, as cheesy as this sounds, and especially coming from me, is that love changes us fundamentally. Love can make us crazy. Love, and many other things, made Britney Spears crazy. Love in combination with child stardom is a dangerous combination.

Watch how Miley Cyrus, the Lilo/Spears hybrid, unspools over the next 18 months. And watch how quickly Disney replaces her.

JailBait and Liam Hemsworth were out and about yesterday, the morning after the People’s Choice Awards, which she skipped… because she’s too happily wrapped up.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Wenn.com