Ever since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got back together it’s been gross story after gross story about how she had to earn him back and what conditions she had to meet before he’d agree to take her back. Now that she has him back, there are a new batch of gross stories about what she has to do to keep him.

I was excited about this couple, mainly because I’m a pervert and imagine them being really sexually compatible. I am no longer excited about this couple. Because people insist on turning him into the patron saint of forgiveness and her into some kind of f-cking reformed criminal. It’s vile.

Here’s the latest from US Weekly

The Real Housewife of Malibu? Since reuniting in January, Miley Cyrus and on-again fiancé Liam Hemsworth have been playing house, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

Cyrus “has been cooking and cleaning for Liam, waiting on him hand and foot,” says a source close to the 23-year-old singer, who’s now spending most of her time at the Aussie’s $6.8 million Malibu pad. “She wants to make sure she keeps him.”

Though Cyrus’ wild antics drove the pair apart in September 2013, she’s eager to show the Hunger Games star how she’s matured, going as far as ditching her party-loving entourage. “She either doesn’t answer their calls or says she’s not going out,” adds the insider. “Liam never liked that she got crazy, so Miley’s making big changes. She doesn’t want to screw it up.”

Waiting on him hand and foot. Trying to “keep” him. She doesn’t want to screw it up.

Why? Is he a test?

I have a hard time believing that this is Miley. If it is, this won’t last. “Mrs Ritchie” never worked out for Madonna and that caveman (who came out with at least $75 MILLION in the divorce) she married either. Is Liam Hemsworth a caveman? If not, why are these “sources” trying to turn him into one?

Attached – Miley in New York this week working on that new Woody Allen project. What’s next? Is she going to quit her job to complete the transformation into domesticated wife from previous wild animal?