It’s been a while since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have hit a carpet together. I think…over a year? And there have been a few occasions when there would have been opportunities. Award season, some kids’ choice awards, the movie awards, Cannes…

The last time they were together on a carpet, at least according to Getty Images, it was June 2012 at an Australians in Film event. Last night was the premiere of Paranoia in LA. Miley wore white pumps and Proenza Schouler from the S/S 2013 collection. Click here to see it on the runway. It’s a good choice given where we are -- to promote his film and not her pop career. So while the look is still in keeping with her current style, there’s no “me, me, me” to it either.

Isn’t it interesting though the difference, not only in style, but also in body language from 14 months ago?

Let’s compare.

Miley’s hair was shoulder length. Her smile was toothy and sweetness. I know a haircut can change a lot but you’ll note now that there’s a difference to Miley’s expression. There’s less teeth, for starters, and the poses are mostly closed-mouthed, and the body language too is more challenging than obsequious. Granted, much of how we choose to interpret these photos has to do with what we’ve learned about Miley in the last year and how she herself has actively re-imagined her image. But that’s the point. She has forced us to see her differently. She has literally shouted us in the face to see her differently. And so we do.

What’s interesting is how that works in a relationship. It’s one thing to modify your personal style. Can you modify your personal style and not evolve as a person? This is why young engagements can be so problematic. Those two people aren’t fully…formed yet. You fall in love at a certain stage. And at that age, the stages are shorter. The stages can be volatile. Love often doesn’t survive them. Miley and Liam are trying though, just like her parents keep trying. And, I dunno, I feel sad about that in the knowing way that old people feel sad, and still, there’s still something naïve and endearing about it too. That there still might be some innocence to Miley after all.