Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth arrived at LAX together yesterday holding hands. Am generally not a fan of heel clogs but these are working for me. And I really do love the unaffordable Chanel ones. Hers however look to be another brand. She looks good. She looks good with him. I am afraid to see The Last Song because of him. Do NOT want to crush on JailBait’s boyfriend.

Was he the inspiration behind the “love” tattoo on her ear? As far as tattoos go, it’s not the worst of them at all. Carrie Bradshaw would say love never goes out of style. Ugh. Hate Carrie Bradshaw these days more than I hate JailBait.

Miley is presumably headed for Toronto. She is hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday. Liam is evidently joining her on the trip. The show also features Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Twilight presenters, Jersey Shore presenters, and more.

The screaming...get ready for the screaming then.

And please let’s have some drama go down. Miley isn’t my favourite but I’d be all over Team JailBait if she smacked that Snooki thing in the head.

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