Tomorrow is her birthday. She will be 18. After the American Music Awards last night – photos attached of Miley on the carpet – she hit up Trousdale for her party in a black leather bra and matching pants. Her ma was there – the one who’s been accused of cheating with Brett Michaels (best story ever) – and so was Demi Moore.

Demi Moore and Tish Cyrus new bffs?


It just keeps getting better.

Anyway, while inside the party, Miley was caught in a rather hot position with some dude called Avan Jogia. Apparently he’s some kind of Disney actor. Please don’t email me with his bio. Until he makes it to a third date, learning about him is unnecessary. Just know that he leaned over Miley at one point when they were alone, apparently nuzzling her neck. Click here to see the photo. He seems way more into it than she does. Or maybe she’s, um, too Drank to be into anything but the Drank?


A celebrity turns 18 and it’s a dry bash? Sure.

Remember when Britney turned 18? She was still with Justin. They celebrated in New York. And they slow danced! Don’t you want it to be then again, just for 5 minutes? Click here to see those old pictures.

I’m just saying that even compared to Britney, Miley has a head start.

Photos from Jeff Vespa/MC/Wireimage and