For the second time in as many days, Miley’s been spotted out in LA without her engagement ring -- click here for photos. With Liam away in Australia without a set return date, as confirmed by PEOPLE, basically all signs are pointing to breakup, despite reports Miley wants to make it work.

The thing that has me convinced Miley and Liam are really on the rocks is that she’s stopped defending herself and their upcoming wedding. Normally when she’s accused of something in the tabloids this girl cannot help herself, she ALWAYS takes the bait. Right now though? Radio silence. Well at least on this subject.

After claiming earlier this week that her real breakup was going to be with Twitter, she’s still tweetin’ away about anything but Liam. The most recent was an RT from her mom clarifying a rumour about the true colour of her hair. Girl, that is not the dirt that needs explaining.

First big breakups are the absolute worst for anyone (ask Sasha about the time she found me crying in the hall at work!). In a world where your mom is tweeting about what an LA radio DJ said about your hair colour though, the first big breakup feelings must be amplified to seriously traumatic levels. At least she seems to be handling this with more dignity than Demi?