Miley’s been back in LA recently on break from her tour. I feel like…she gets papped a lot less than you would expect. Is that a stupid thing to say? I mean, you don’t miss her because she’s active on social media. But in terms of actual pap photos, the way Bieber and Selena get papped, and it’s always a f-cking mess, and even Taylor Swift leaving her apartment giving us a fashion show every day, it’s not as much. From the photo agencies I look at all the time, it’s definitely not as much. This is an exclusive set (to INF) of shots of Miley stopping for gas yesterday.

Is it fair to say then that Miley is more strategic about her famewhoring? Oh, she does it. No doubt. But I do wonder if Miley might be more selective about her plays. And if she is more selective about her plays, does that mean she’s better at the game?

Or…do you just think she sucks at everything because you hate her?