In Jane Bussman’s The Worst Date Ever (which you MUST read if you haven’t already) she calls it The Golden Age of Stupid, a generation of twats and toffs with no discernable personality, skill, or, for that matter, ability to communicate.

This is the generation that is currently raping the word DIVA.

And VH1 is contributing to it.

As you know, VH1 has resurrected VH1 Divas. Included among the new list is Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adele, Leona Lewis…

And JailBait Miley Cyrus.

Whitney Houston is a VH1 Diva. Celine Dion too. Mariah Carey of course. A now Miley Cyrus.

The Stupid Generation.

The VH1 Divas show went down last night. JailBait performed with Sheryl Crow. You’ll note, she’s added a flash of tongue to her beat-me mouth that makes it extra, extra annoying.

But you see how the hick will always find its way onto the red carpet?

This dress comes from Arlene’s Emporium for Cougars and Ladies With Fake Nails. This dress is being worn by a 16 year old, complemented by tacky ass bumpkin fishnets. This 16 year old looks like she’s 35 twice divorced.

Yay for the Stupid Generation.

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