Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back together and are reportedly re-engaged. There haven’t been very many photos since it happened though. Last Friday, Miley and Liam stepped out with the Hemsworth family – his mother, his brothers, etc. Click here to see the photos.

This is gossip-worthy, not only because it’s confirmation that Miley and Liam are a thing again but also because there was all kinds of speculation when they broke up about how the Hemsworths disapproved of her. Presumably that’s not an issue anymore. Which… if we could leave it at that, I’d be happy.

But if we start hearing some f-cking bullsh-t about how she had to prove to them that she’s, I don’t know, reformed, or something, and had to convince them that she’s “changed” for them and him, parallel to the narrative we’ve been given since their reconciliation that she “earned” Liam back etc etc, I’m not here for that. They’re not the royal family, first of all. And she’s not Kate Middleton, Jesus.