Many of you have emailed today about this, especially on the heels of Taylor Momsen’s revealing pose on the cover of New York Magazine.

Duey emailed me last night, procrastinating as usual, with a message as follows:

The apocalypse. I feel sorry for Miley Cyrus.

Of course I was appalled so I immediately asked WTF???

And she wrote back:

Oh, some more porny poses, and I started thinking about how many stupid photos I took when I was young, and how glad I am that nobody was relying on me to be their bank account when I was 15. Media whoredom is learned behavior...

Duey, as usual, is right.

Because all 15 year olds are obsessed with sex. Almost 20 years ago, when I was her age, my friends and I were obsessed with sex too. A few of them were even having sex. It is what it is.

The problem with Miley is that she has, as Duey said, become someone’s bank account. And in doing so, she has also become Disney’s #1 girl. As Disney’s #1 girl, the mantra is always: wholesome, wholesome, wholesome, I love God, virgin, virgin, virgin.

Needless to say, chances are not good she’ll be successful at her Mickey Mouse mission. Especially not when you analyse that hand and the placement of that boy’s hand on that sexy spot by her hip. That is a hand that knows. That is a hand that has been there before. That is an area that is perhaps as intimate as the back of the neck. Or the side of the neck. Or the dimple on the upper lip. Or behind the ear. Or inside the thigh.

This is a girl who is lusting for fame and also lusting for forbidden experiences all within the strict conservative parameters of a family corporation. How do you reconcile teen reality with fraudulent showbiz packaging? They say Miley Cyrus is a good role model. But is it good role modelling to make a 15 year old celebrity a good role model to begin with?

Click here for more provocative images.

And here’s my final question: are these leaks the result of some untrustworthy friends or is it possible the 15 year old, who wants to be seen as sexy, actually released them herself?


Source Celebitchy