Backed into a corner and betrayed

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 28, 2011 19:38:42 November 28, 2011 19:38:42
None of you are surprised, IΓÇÖm sure, about Miley CyrusΓÇÖs maybe but not really but totally admission that she smokes pot. But, um, donΓÇÖt ask me to judge her for it. Like, the act of doing it, I mean. Because... well... come on now, honestly?

But we were never owned by Disney and put to work at 12, or 13, or however young it is when they start. MileyΓÇÖs problem is that she was forced to make promises before she became a real person. I wonΓÇÖt curse, have sex before marriage, get drunk, or do drugs. The same failed formula Britney Spears tried to follow. And all of them before and in between.

As such, every experience afterwards is held up to that vow. ItΓÇÖs like backing your kid into a corner. The only way out is to lie about it, especially when youΓÇÖre famous.

I like Miley more now that I did two years ago. Even her beat-me mouth is less offensive to me. A lot of that has to do with what appears to be an active attempt at removing herself from the spotlight so that she can do some growing, privately. IΓÇÖd like to think it was motivated by a desire for self-discovery. Who can I be when IΓÇÖm not onstage, singing for 12 year old girls? Do I want to be Taylor Swift?

Ultimately though, if staying in Hollywood is part of the choice, sometimes there is no escape. She canΓÇÖt escape those old virginity and purity standards. She canΓÇÖt escape the sickening fraud that permeates the Celebrity Ecosystem, especially in Los Angeles. Eyes are fake, cheeks are fake, lips are fake, tits are fake, and, yes, friends are fake too. These are the friends whoΓÇÖll sell the phone camera video from your private birthday. God, that is depressing.


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