Do you run? Unfortunately, my trainer Hayley McGowan has forced me into running. I started running a minute, walking a minute. Now I can run 10k! I tried running on the Strip yesterday morning. It wasn’t fun being the asshole running on the Strip on a Sunday morning during buffet hour. Makes people feel guilty.

Anyway, this is JailBait Miley Cyrus running with her famewhore of a lame sh-ts boyfriend Justin Gaston, the 20 year old wasting his time “not f-cking” his 16 year old bible thumping girlfriend.


Anyway, the two went “on a run” the other day by her house in Toluca Lake. Justin, as you can see, is ripped. JailBait, as you can see, does not believe in Nike. Or New Balance. Or PROPER RUNNING ATTIRE. With tits like that, do they expect us to believe they actually ran farther than a block before turning the corner, giving the paps what they needed, and then walking the rest of the way?

Then of course it’s the shoes. Those shoes will f-ck up her knees, give her a different kind of blister.

What’s important though is that she looks cute.

Should we be talking this way about such a young girl?

Ask her parents. They thrust her into this position, they sexualised their child, they’re living off the spoils.

Should we be talking this way about THIS young girl?

Game on.

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