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We’ve all been watching JailBait fall hard. Oh, she’s got it bad. And if you’ve been there you know. Miley Cyrus is headed towards that female rite of passage – getting your heart slammed. I have a friend who has a theory: it’s how a girl recovers from first heartbreak that determines the course of the rest of her life. Dude, it’s a significant moment totally, but I think she might be weighing it too heavily. Her example, obviously, is always Britney Spears.

But I digress.

Miley Cyrus is in deep sh-t love. The kind of love that has her talking sh-t. The little twat talks sh-t all the time, but right now there’s an air of puppy sickness around her words that’s almost endearing, only because we know what’s coming eventually.

Earlier this week she told Teen Vogue that her love with Liam, and their connection, is deeper than any love connection ever. Click here for more on that interview. They just feel more, you know?

Now, while promoting their movie The Last Song, Miley is defending Liam, and trying to justify his existence in relation to her fame. So textbook. She’s apologising for having a higher profile. And compensating for it by pushing him forward:

“I feel like I’ve been with people before, both in the public eye and out of the public eye, that may need something from me. He’s not like that. He was already successful, he was already cast in the movie, he didn’t need me for that. He doesn’t need me to make him famous. He’s got his career and his goals and that’s awesome.”

Sure honey, but he needs you for other things. The kinds of things Sandra Bullock talked about in her Oscar acceptance speech when she thanked her mother for not letting her ride in cars with boys until she was 18. Liam Hemsworth is not the kind of boy you want your daughter riding in a car with. Not unless you approve of them parking.

This boy? Yeah, this boy has needs.

And now they’re needing each other every day, on press tour for the movie, inseparable, travelling, intoxicated by the rush of what they’re feeling, because remember they feel DEEPER than most – this is the conceit of young love, non? All young lovers believe they’re redefining romance, like it never truly existed before they experienced it. Which is why when it’s over, look the f-ck out. Does Disney have a class that prepares you for that?


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