Of course.

Thom Yorke rarely disappoints.

So JailBait Miley Cyrus dropped in for a radio interview the other day. Typical obnoxious 16 yr old she had to make sure everyone knew she was texting Nick Jonas, her ex boyfriend, and that her current boyfriend, that f-cking loser Justin Gaston, would be jealous.

She also made it a point to call out Radiohead for being dicky to her at the Grammys.


Here’s what went down:

Baity claims that her musical inspiration is Radiohead. That they are the reason she’s now a singer.

The only song she probably knows is Creep. And they hardly do it anymore!!!

You can’t fake street cred with Radiohead. It’s NOT possible.

So anyway, Baity says that above all artists, it was Radiohead she wanted to meet most. The band’s dressing room was down the hall. So she sent her person over there to request a flyby.

Their response:
We don’t really do that.

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Baity called it rude. She listed off all these other people – Coldplay and U2 and Fergie – that have been SOOOO nice to her and then explained that if it had been her, if she were in Radiohead’s position, she would have charged the corridor, dropped everything, to say thank you and show appreciation to her admirers. Because this is how God teaches us to respect others. For reals.

Since Radiohead did not drop everything and rush her dressing room, since they chose instead to tell her to jump up her own ass, she now considers them horrible people.

Some of you will argue in her favour. Some of you will say – well they aren’t very polite, are they, those Radiohead rockers! Tut tut tut!

But here’s the thing…

If she claims to know who they are, if she claims to have been “formed” by their oeuvre, if she claims to be a true fan of Radiohead, she would have known not to ask in the first place.

Hollywood, the conventional music industry, the scene, the hanging out and the group fellatio – it’s NEVER been their thing. Ever. Even Coldplay wouldn’t knock on their door and ask to exchange a few pleasantries. Even Kanye was told to beat it by Thom Yorke at the Grammys.

So how come Miley f-cking Cyrus, Radiohead superfan, doesn’t get this about her favourite band?

Like should Anna Wintour come out of her Conde Nast tower every time some aspiring fashion journalist drops in to admire her work?


Click here to listen to the entire Miley radio interview if you can stand it, although I don’t want to be responsible for your suicide so … if you must… use caution.

And just because:

PS. JailBait says her ideal men are Harry Connick Jr and Gerard Butler. You run with that yourself.

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