You can click away if you can’t handle it but it’s the only joy I can find in this f-ckery of a photo series.

As I first reported exclusively way back in July, JailBait Miley Cyrus was indeed offered a one day cameo on Sex & the City 2, shooting in New York last Friday with Kim Cattrall, a scene that involved Samantha Jones showing up at an event in the same ensemble.

The beat-me mouth on this girl, it’s like I’ve ever seen. Kim looks like she wants to kill it. Miley meanwhile looks like she’s in a hurry to get to Lindsay Lohan. Not willing to let the employee rest, Team Cyrus had their paycheque back on the road quickly, and by Sunday she was on tour again, taking the stage in San Antonio. Burn ‘em out when they’re young, right?

Photos from and and PhamousFotos/