When I saw photos of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth leaving Brisbane this weekend I was excited, hoping they’d be on their way to New York for the MET Gala. Miley was there last year and two years before that. But they ended up landing, hand in hand, in LA after spending time with his family in Australia. And it didn’t seem like they were hiding it either. Just like they’re not hiding their arrival back in the US. No going out of different doors. No trying to avoid being photographed together. Which suggests that their reconciliation has reached a new level?

Some are saying that their trip was to plan their wedding. Well, sure. But he also has a movie coming out in July, Independence Day: Resurgence. A new trailer was released yesterday in the form of a “news report” about the 20th anniversary of the alien invasion. Super cheesy. As it should be! As Sarah noted when the first trailer came out in December, the tone was too dark and ominous. Click here for a refresher. But what makes the original so memorable – and the reason I watch it over and over again – is that it’s ridiculously corny and patriotic. And this new preview seems to embrace that Roland Emmerich signature. Also Liam looks really f-cking hot in this trailer. And this is big for him. Not just looking hot but that Resurgence does well. Because, well, so far he hasn’t made much of an impact, professionally. He needs a win that he can claim, apart from The Hunger Games. Which, really, had nothing to do with him anyway.