Miley Cyrus will be presenting next Sunday at the Oscars. For the THIRD YEAR in a row. So there’s George Clooney who refuses to go unless he’s nominated or a returning winner/presenter and then there’s Miley who, well, let’s face it, won’t be nominated or winning so, yeah, I guess, how can she say no? 

Will she bring the boyfriend? 

This relationship with Liam Hemsworth actually makes her real. He is the boy the parents are afraid of. Obviously because – look at him – here is a boy who wants things, and that wanting is matched by her wanting to give them to him. Miley’s vulnerability to that kind of young, sick, twisted, intense, all consuming love might just be what keeps her real, the only way I can relate to her, and, as a result, perhaps even root for her.

Here they are walking around her neighbourhood yesterday. Note that as they’ve intensified, her public presence has receded. And she has a movie to promote very soon. The Team must be worried.

Photos from Fame