Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, now Miley Cyrus. It was confirmed yesterday that Woody Allen has written and directed a new TV series for Amazon – 6 half episodes themed in the 1960s starring Elaine May and Miley Cyrus. He and Elaine have worked together before. This will be his first experience with Miley. And, well, as we’ve seen, if it goes well, it likely won’t be the last. They start shooting in March.

It seems kinda obvious now that we know. Miley is sassy and provocative and precocious. She might not look like his manic pixie dream girl right now but given the setting, once he styles her the way he sees her, she’s the type. His type. Writing that made me feel really gross and uncomfortable, especially since I want to be excited about her return to acting.

Miley’s focus the last few years has been predominantly music. She used music to blow up her image, the character and career she built while acting as Hannah Montana. Now that that complete and total devastation is complete, she appears to be interested in putting on new roles again. What’s interesting though is that major pop stars like Miley don’t have much success becoming other people. Because their images and personalities are so indelible. Will we be able to watch Miley in a television show and believe it’s not MILEY-FOAM-FINGER-PETS-TONGUE-WEED-PLUSHY-GRINDING and see instead an actor immersed in a story?

By the way, the music isn’t on pause. She just posted this last night, with zit cream.