By today’s relationship standards, this is major. Like giving back a varsity jacket.

Liam Hemsworth uses Twitter sparingly. Miley Cyrus, as you know, uses Twitter only. So she’d know that we’d know that she unfollowed Liam. She came in like a wrecking ball and all he ever did was wre-eh-eh-ck her. 

Is it finally over?

It should have been over a few months ago when January Jones straddled him at a house party during Oscar weekend. But as much as she sticks out her tongue and fronts like she’s a tough girl now, Miley couldn’t quite let go. Kind of like a metaphor for her old image. If she wasn’t ready to kill the dreams of Hannah Montana then, she may be there now, six months later, buoyed by the success of her two smash hit singles and embracing the controversy that has followed her since.

Still, no matter what your feelings on the “new” Miley, the one holding the foam finger at the VMAs, or singing naked from a chain, please don’t come here and put this on her, absolving him of any responsibility in the slow death of this relationship. He didn’t have to grind back on January Jones. Or make Emma Watson feel like the only girl in the world.

And again, can love at 18 survive the 20s? It’s too much to ask of yourself, let alone another person. In one short year, Miley’s gone from child star in transition to having actually transitioned into a proper pop star, like it or not. Professionally, she’s just had a VERY big summer. Him? That movie career’s not doing much. So… maybe sitting beside Ashley Greene is probably where he belongs right now.