Miley Cyrus has finally succeeded in looking older than Ali Lohan. Congratulations!

Check out JailBait at the CMAs last night if you can find her under that volcano of makeup that’s exploded all over her face. The point of being young and youthful and no wrinkles and NOT EVEN 16 (!) is to not have to embellish, isn’t it? Or was it?

If looking OLD is in, why does Granny Nicole Kidman keep mutilating her face?

JailBait brought along her dad and her 20 year old boyfriend Justin Gaston to the event amid rumours that he’s now living with her family.

She’s 15.

He’s 20.

What kind of a loser 20 year old moves in with a 15 year old and her parents?

What kind of loser parent allows a 20 year old to move in with his 15 year old daughter?

Yay for child stardom!