On Friday Miley Cyrus attended the American Giving Awards. Sunday night she was at the CNN Heroes event. I looked at one set of photos on Saturday morning and another set this morning and I wondered why she changed her hair. Everything else appeared to be the same aside from Liam Hemsworth joining her in a few photos. Turns out it wasn’t the same, it’s just that she wore almost the exact same dress. Don’t quibble with me over the shade of yellow/beige or the minor variation in the neckline. For all intents and purposes, when it’s two days apart, it may as well be identical...which, I just find is such a curious style decision.

As for her hair...

Look, I admit I have some pretty militant views on weave and fake hair in general: unless there’s a medical reason, I don’t approve. It rarely looks natural to me. Even on celebrities. And they’re supposed to have access to the best sh-t ever. I mean, check out Miley’s ponytail. This is why I am resistant whenever people tell me to pull my hair back in a ponytail to cover red carpets. Because most of the time you’re only seeing the back of my head and I don’t want anyone to compare the back of my head with my very real hair to this tacky ass stripper tail. Maybe that’s my problem with weave and fake hair. I don’t like being accused of it.

Miley went with a braid on Sunday. Not much of an improvement.