Miley was on with Jay Leno last night. He’s wrapping up his tenure there – again – so it was her last appearance…with him as host. I’m sure she’ll be back with Fallon, non?

Jay asked Miley what advice she’d give Justin. Basically, pay your people to take care of you and build a f-cking club in your house so you don’t have to cause mayhem out there. Kinda like what I wish George Michael would have done several years ago. Get a laptop! Why are you still hitting up the woods?!?

Next: are we watching a Miley style transition here? God I love this look on her. I love the platinum blondeness. Mostly though, I love that she knows her timing, if that’s indeed what we’re seeing. That she knows exactly the expiration date on a “schtick” and is the first to push her next move. We had 6 months of twerking (that word that needs to DIE) and in-your-face obnoxiousness and if she’s going to be the kind of artist who can stay relevant – which she’s managed to do through Hannah Montana – that innate sense of reinvention will be critical as she goes deeper into her 20s. I never, ever imagined that I would find her so interesting. That I’d be looking forward and counting down to seeing her perform. But I do. And I’m not even embarrassed about it.