You don’t love Daddy no more?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 26, 2010 07:35:58 March 26, 2010 07:35:58

Remember when JailBait, at 16, was dating that 20 year old cheese loser Justin Something and he’d wear his cross around his neck and get papped with the family leaving church every weekend and Billy Ray Cyrus would have his arm around his shoulders and they’d go for bbq and milkshakes and sh-t?

Not happening with Liam Hemsworth.

Last night at the LA premiere of The Last Song, Miley and Liam walked the carpet arm in arm. Yeah she pushed out her beat-me mouth but she also gazed at him adoringly. A lot. Oh this girl has it bad. Check it – that is some familiar body language, the boy knows every curve.

Miley did not spend too much time posing alone, if at all. It was all Liam, and a few shots here and there with that mother of hers, and a moment with that 10 year old woman-child she calls a younger sister Noah (her expression in these pictures is terrifying), and several with producers and industry people, but I’ve spent several minutes looking, and haven’t been able to find one, not one, of Miley and her daddy Billy Ray. Maybe I haven’t searched hard enough; I really shouldn’t have to.

Not too long ago those two were inseparable. And now Miley and Daddy... not even at a premiere??? It’s the PREMIERE. Now THIS is the real life sh-t that makes it interesting. Coming up on the next episode: Daddy can’t tell Miley what to do, who not to f-ck, and how to make more money. And no one wants to sign Noah to a record contract.

PS. This leather dress looks great on her.

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