So basically she’s been f-cking with this the entire time. That crying cat is now the symbol for why I don’t worry about Miley right now. Miley is conscious. That’s not to say that she’s perfect – because she’s not, and she’s made some mistakes, many of them, and will continue to. But they’re HER mistakes. They’re not managed mistakes. Which is why I will continue to say that Miley is closer to Madonna than she is to Britney. Britney has never made me laugh as hard as I laughed at that crying digital cat.

As for her white suit – Sasha and I both agree it’s badass, especially the shorter cut of the pants. Sasha however is not into the makeup, or lack of it. She would prefer a brighter lip. See to me, the brighter lip would be too obvious. I’m good with the understated version on the face. I’m good with the choice to NOT play the expected red lip.