Where...does one actually buy a pair of half sweat half jeans? I really want to know. I want to know if these were purchased or if they were custom. Also, I might want to try. Come on. They look comfortable. I’m not saying I’d wear them to a f-cking party, but hey, to walk the dog, or when we’re unpacking our moving boxes in Toronto next month? Totally. These are totally moving pants.

Miley’s intention here, as has been her intention the last several months, is not to make your dressed list but to make you talk about how she could never make your best dressed list. So, really, there’s no point in wasting energy on how ugly you think these pants are. She KNOWS.

I’m more interested in those white pumps. It’s hard to get the exact white with a good heel to point ratio. Some whites are so dull. Some patents are too ...patent. The Manolo white pump looks off-white from some angles and the Manolo Taylor D’Orsays won’t contain my foot fat.

Back to Miley’s pants though – can you honestly say they’re worse than this dress?