Milla Jovovich vs Summit

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 21, 2011 17:41:33 October 21, 2011 17:41:33

Milla JovovichΓÇÖs movie The Three Musketeers opens today. SheΓÇÖs pissed that the production company, Summit, hasnΓÇÖt done enough to promote it which is why itΓÇÖs already predicted to bomb at the box office and open behind Paranormal Activity 3.

TMZ notes that Milla is complaining about the situation on her Twitter:  

Also, "3 musketeers" opens in the US 2night! Do you think ppl know abt the movie? Ask your friends! Do they know it's a fun family film?

Are "summit" promoting it as a family adventure movie? Or are they resting on their laurels from "twilight" n making no effort? Let me know!

I think "summit" hve swept "3 Musketeers", a grt family adventure film, under the rug in the US. Shame on them. SHAME ON YOU "SUMMIT".

MillaΓÇÖs theory, that Summit is too focused on Twilight to give a sh-t about its other projects, is legitimate enough, sure. When it comes to Twilight, Summit is as low rent as it gets. But, you know, Musketeers isnΓÇÖt a great movie. They cast Orlando Bloom. So the studio can totally justify not wasting any more money on a project with no redeemable qualities...I guess? But bad family movies do well at the box office ALL THE TIME. Hello Smurfs. Well, that was Columbia Pictures. Summit is, um, certainly not Columbia. Still, it would be easier to side with Milla had her husband Paul W S Anderson actually directed a decent film.

WhatΓÇÖs even more interesting though is how this Twitter thing is giving some actors a platform, if they choose, to rail against the studio. I mean, Summit isnΓÇÖt Sony, obviously, and laughing at Summit is kinda like a hobby in Hollywood these days anyway, but this is still an industry where (most) actors are relatively powerless and are made to bend over at the mercy of hierarchical order. Summit may be a janky ass operation but they still rank well above Milla Jovovich. Pretty sure her agent wonΓÇÖt be happy about her going off on a Twitter war against a studio. HeΓÇÖll be spending the rest of the day grovelling on the phone and sucking dick, more so than usual.   

HereΓÇÖs Mila with Anderson at the UK premiere of The Three Musketeers. Did they even have a North American premiere?


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