Milo Ventimiglia graces the cover of the new issue of Corduroy - a GREAT magazine based in NY, founded by Canadians. LOVE.

Anyway, as you can see from the photos, Milo looks hot and even a little gay, especially that shot of him with his hand on the wall. No correlation but he tells Corduroy that his sisters used to dress him up like Madonna – as in Lucky star and mole. Hot, non? To bad he’s a controlling perv.

As for his upbringing?
“I had a completely normal upbringing which I’m very happy about. It’s a nice example that you don’t have to be a f-ck-up, you don’t have to come from a broken family, or be high on drugs, or have lived on the streets to be able to succeed in the industry. When I was younger, my peers would always talk about the hard times and the down times, and how that helped them to get to that better place as an actor. It’s like, no man, that put you in rehab.”


But how normal could it have been if he’s dating an 18 year old who was much younger when they started? Just sayin’…

This issue of Corduroy is available now.