Here’s what was available last night to half girl/half woman Hayden Panettiere at the GQ event. First her co-star Milo Ventimiglia, with whom she says it’s strictly platonic, looking like a waiter, albeit a hot one, wearing a jacket an inch or two too long and dress shoes from 10 years ago.

Then Dr Karev Justin Chambers, always always good for a quiver, especially in his glasses, and the heartbreakingly beautiful James McAvoy who may not be at his best in this photo but was definitely at his best throughout Atonement. There is a sex scene that will leave you breathless. It’s worth your two hours… promise.

Finally, Hayden managed to get her cute little ass wrapped around Ryan Gosling for a photo too. And now that he’s removed himself from The Lovely Bones, he is back to a less portly frame.

Total sex on Hayden’s playground. Baitful little minx…

Photos from Splash