Most pervs don’t present much of a dilemma. They have bad facial hair and freakishly large foreheads with receding hairlines and too many blackheads. It’s easy to be turned off. Because they look like creeps anyway.

Then there are the pervs like Milo who make it much more challenging. Because, though on the wee side, Milo is gorgeous. Not my type, but still…he’s a fine looking manchild. Stress the word child because he was at one time or another tapping Hayden Panettiere who only turned 18 in August.

The dead giveaway of course are the “child toucher eyes” – a coin termed by Michael K at that describes perfectly why your loins want to protect a day care instead of quivering for Milo Ventimiglia.

Milo showed up at the Conde Nast event last night in New York looking sharp in a black jacket over jeans. As for the status of his relationship with young Hayden – she’s been in Vancouver shooting I Love You Beth Cooper. My sources say he’s been expected at least on 2 weekends to come visit her but on both occasions never made it. Not sure what that means, if anything at all.

Will keep you posted.

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