As far as celebrity love monikers go, this one is my favourite. Hayden-Milo…Halo.

Speculation about the true nature of their relationship has been rife since summer and there’s nothing unusual about that except… he’s 30 and she just turned 18 in August. And while the two have not yet been caught by the paps sneaking in and out of each other’s homes, they did share a suggestive touchy feely moment at an awards show a while back and have been evasive about it ever since.

Last night at an epilepsy benefit, Milo was asked point blank if they are in fact dating and he did not issue a denial:

"She and I are close friends. It"s only natural that people are going to couple us together."

You will note…he did not insert the word “just” in front of “close friends” and check out the body language. I’m feeling the sizzle…you?

And is it wrong? Technically she’s legal, right? Does it matter that she was 17 just 4 months ago? Milo is super super hot. Especially in a suit now that he’s going without that Japanese cartoon haicut. But if he’s tapping minor ass…does that take the quiver away? It does for me.

photos from Splash