About an hour ago, Sasha emailed Dean and me with the title “omg omg omg omg”. This usually means it’s about Mariah Carey. Sasha, Dean, and I, we have our own “lambily” happening.



Mimi’s fans are called “lambs”, get it?

And 2/11 was Lamb Appreciation Day. Mimi made the announcement several days prior. Um, obviously you now know what also happened on February 11. Is this weird?

Enough. Wave it away. Mimi is here to make you feel better.

So Mimi made a special video with a special prize for two lucky lambs: makeovers with her makeup artist and hair stylist. Her makeup artist is my very favourite thing in life right now. Look at his HUNGER GAMES FACE!?!?


As you can see, Mimi loves her fans so much she decided to shoot this clip in a STAIRWELL. I mean... it doesn’t get any more sincere, right? This will be the best three minutes of your day. Especially at the end when, as Dean put it, “the guy helps her and she sings Hero at his face”.

Attached - Mimi on Sunday in New York, appropriately sombre.