I'll be checking Mimi's Twitter today. She's probably exhausted. Because she actually had to do some work last night. Something about a Disney Cruise ship launch and a casino promotion for Caesar's Palace. You know. This is what pays. A lot. And Mimi is nothing if not an earner. This is how they earn now. By showing up on a boat, posing with a stuffed toy, and waving for photographs.

So she put her size 4 body into a black dress like a mermaid and hitched herself onto the arm of her human walker. Nick Cannon has been dealing with some health issues but f-ck him if he couldn’t pull it together to transport Mimi to her various engagements.

How sensible is a dress that pinches at the knees for a woman who already has problems travelling on her own legs from point a to point b?

Why do I snark? I’m sorry. This is wrong. It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. There’s nothing wrong with a little Mimi to make it all better in time for the weekend.