At the Inside Out photo call and presser in Cannes today. Hitfix is calling it one of Pixar’s “most creative films ever”. This is high concept, this is smart humour, and at the same time, totally universal. The reviews so far have been very, very strong. And the story?

All the emotions inside a young girl’s head: Joy is voiced by Amy Poehler, Sadness is Phyllis Smith, and Disgust is Mindy Kaling. There are other characters, other “feelings”, but the leads are Joy and Sadness and how they co-exist as fundamental parts of personality and human existence…

And this is an animated movie.

That I need, desperately, to see RIGHT NOW.

Here they are, Poehler, Smith, and Kaling representing at the festival today. Apparently the film is so good, so moving, so funny, and so smart that critics were crying and laughing and yelling all at the same time.