Where was Phyllis?

I loved Inside Out AND felt that it abused my trust, which is the way that I think you’re supposed to feel about Inside Out (also please note that someone pointed out that Bing Bong was missing from the In Memoriam montage, so HAVE FUN SOBBING ALL DAY), but one of the things that killed me was how shockingly perfect Phyllis Smith was as Sadness. I loved it. I can still waste a lot of time thinking about the way her yarn-hair mesmerised me. So I missed Phyllis.

Instead, repping Inside Out were Disgust and Joy—that is, Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler. I’m going to talk about their dresses because of course I am, but in case you haven’t seen this, or you’re one of those people like I used to be (I’m brave enough to say it) who thought animated movies didn’t have real resonance, this movie is a cathartic treat. BING BONG.

So, not that either Amy or Mindy has to dress like their ‘character’, but I would have loved more big bright colour here. Though I kind of love Amy’s dress, I understand the Twitter snark about it; it seems too big and not tailored, which makes it so-close-but-so-far. Mindy’s dress, on the other hand, just felt so restrained, and I wasn’t sure why. She’s written about meeting Obama before, and this seems like the dress for that occasion. It was a Kennedy Centre dress.

By contrast, her entire look at the Vanity Fair party is so exciting and fresh I want to see a one-night-only web series about what happens to her at the party. I hope she has to choose between several delicious adventures tonight and she somehow finds time to make them each happen. Like maybe that outfit is so good she needs a Hermione time-turner to go with it.