I am interested in Mindy Kaling’s dating life. Not obtrusively, but I think Mindy wouldn’t mind that people are all slightly giddy at the prospect of her going on a date with a handsome New Jersey Senator.

To recap: The Mindy Project made a joke about Newark, and junior US Senator Cory Booker tweeted her about it – his tone was light, but he was definitely sticking up for his city (he used to be mayor of Newark). Here is their full exchange:






It’s cute, right? Here’s what I like about this whole thing – no one is taking any of it too seriously, but seriously enough for their jobs. Like Senator Booker is not calling Mindy a “Hollywood elite” and Mindy isn’t responding with “Hey, it’s comedy man.” Both are like yes haha it was one silly joke about Newark. And now they might have dinner, which would be the most adorable meet-cute of all time.

This all perfectly fits my narrative of Mindy Kaling, and one that she has definitely embraced. She’s open about her love for rom-coms, so much so that when she met President Barack Obama, he said, “I hear you like romantic comedies, like my wife.”

And she’s dated someone political before -- “Will” (not sure if it’s his real name or not), a member of President Obama’s team. In Why Not Me? she detailed what she’s looking for in a man, so I did a quick scan: sweet, trustworthy, patient, feminist, successful enough to financially support himself, complimentary (in that he will compliment her), older, huge penis.

I don’t know a lot about Cory Booker but I’m guessing he has at least some of these qualities (I’m basing my guess on his Twitter feed, which reflects his political ethos and support for women, Muslims, LGTBQ, and healthcare). He’s 10 years older than her. And one of the first articles I picked up on him mentioned that a lot of the criticism he faced in his early years mirrored what was said about Obama: too charismatic and an inspirational public speaker. Imagine if that’s your weakest point -- being too charming and likable. (Also clearly this isn’t what his critics really wanted to say, so they used a racist dog whistle and compared him to 2008 Obama. Meaning there are people scared at the prospect of him being President one day.)

So… what happened after the cute Twitter banter? Did he slide into her DMs? Is Mindy imagining herself giving tours of the White House while wearing a Chanel jacket and a smart pair of slacks? Will she share a photo of them together if she makes it to Newark for dinner? Will he send a car or will she really have to take the PATH? If you think I’m going too fast, allow me to point out the liberal use of heart emojis – that’s their work, not mine.

There’s just one thing kinda bothering me, and I can’t dismiss it. Cory is a vegan. Mindy is vocal about her deep love for McDonald’s. This could be a major stumbling block. On the other hand, their lifestyle divide would make for a perfect second act, a problem that the fledgling new couple needs to overcome. In the end, he’ll run through the rain to bring her a Filet-o-fish and bump into her as she is leaving a bookstore with 1001 Recipes for Chic Vegans under her arm. They’ll split the difference and eat at Chipotle and live happily ever after.

(PS: We have a follow-up from Buzzfeed Capitol Hill reporter Emma Loop. Thank you for your service Emma. Clearly they are asking for privacy while their love blooms.)